Third in the world of boron product

Sustainable development

Promotion of the Social and Economic Development of the Presence Region

The stable operation and implementation of the investment program of MCC Russian Bor are extremely important for the Far East Region, development of which is a strategic priority of the Russian development since MCC Russian Bor CJSC is one of the largest enterprises of Primorsky Krai.
MCC Russian Bor is a township-forming enterprises of the City of Dalnegorsk, and the production development will additionally create at least 500 working places.

The population of the city amounts to 37.5 thousand people and the number of employees of MCC Russian Bor currently exceeds 3 thousand people. Therefore, well-being of at least 9 thousand people together with the members of the employees’ families directly depends on the operation of the enterprise.
Implementation of the investment program of MCC Russian Bor guarantees successful long-term development of the City of Dalnegorsk. At least 10.5 thousand people will considerably improve their welfare and will face the future with confidence. These factors, apart from the direct tax deductions, will substantially improve the social and economic situation in the region.

Implementation of the investment project will make it possible to create at the enterprise boron-containing products with a high added value, which are in great demand abroad, increasing the Russian export volume.

Many promising products of MCC Russian Bor are necessary for important branches of the Russian economy: nuclear industry, defense-industrial complex and high-tech industry, therefore, development of these enterprises within the boundaries of the country will exclude the dependence of the strategic branches on the import.