Third in the world of boron product


Production Technology Description

MCC Russian Bor is an enterprise with a full production process cycle including extraction, dressing and chemical processing of boron-containing and carbonate raw materials.

The initial raw materials for manufacture of boron-containing products are datolitic ore of Dalnegorsk boron deposit and lime of Monomakhovskoye deposit.

Production of Boric Acid

Production of boric acid is based on decomposition of datolite concentrate by sulfuric acid in reaction cells with subsequent leaching of boric acid by recycled solutions.

The leached pulp is delivered for the main filtration, where the product boric acid solution is separated from the borogypsum sludges entering for counterflow five-stage washing from saluted boric acid, and then forwarded to the tailing dump.

The product solution passes three stages of control treatment with subsequent delivery to the vacuum-crystallization plants. Boric acid suspension is dehydrated in the centrifuges, humid crystals are dried in drum-type driers. The dried product is delivered to the packing division.

Production of Calcium Borate

Production of calcium borate is based on interaction of lime milk with recycled solutions of the boric acid manufacture.

The boric acid solution is cleared of soluble impurities, while contacting heat-treated datolitic fraction in the process of its milling and subsequent thickening. From the thickening stage, the solid phase is delivered to the leaching vats of the boric acid manufacture, the discharge – the basic boric acid solution passes two stages of control treatment, is cooled and is entered into the continuous reactor, where it interreacts with the lime milk with formation of calcium borate. The calcium borate suspension is filtered at the belt filter, wet borate is entered into the drum driers for drying and then is delivered for packing, and the mother solution (filtrate) is returned to the boric acid workshop.

Production of Boric Anhydride

Boric anhydride is produced by fluxion of boric acid in the tank of direct heated continuous furnace at 1000 – 1200°–°. Dry pelletizing of the boric anhydride flux takes place at the roll granulating mills. Then the product passes the crushing and screening stages.

Datolite concentrate
Boric Acid Grade "B"