Third in the world of boron product

Mining and production

MCC Russian Bor develops Dalnegorsk boron and ore deposit, the largest one in Russia and South-East Asia.

  • Dalnegorsk lime and scarn deposit, which has been open-worked since 1959, has a reserve of resources enabling working for more than another 75 years even at the maximal extraction level.
  • Dalnegorsk deposit is a massif considerable in strike and depth extent, consisting of separate sub- stratal scarn lea lands (combined strata); total 10 lea lands are known.
  • The ores are formed by scarn minerals – total more than 30 minerals are found in the ores composition.
  • The deposit is open-worked.
  • The mine operation conditions: 355 days in a year, three 8-hour shifts per day.

The extraction process consists of the following two basic stages:

  • Ore is extracted in the central mine;
  • Exposed rocks are delivered from the mine to the homogenizing stockyard;
  • Homogenized ore is transported to the beneficiating plant.

The used mining operations technology provides a possibility to develop the deposit with minor losses and impoverishment.
Dalnegorsk deposit contains unique reserves of datolitic ores amounting to 68.1% of the booked reserves of boric ores of А+В+С1 category in the territory of the former USSR:

  • the deposit reserves were confirmed by the USSR GKZ (State Reserves Committee) in 1952;
  • in 1962, the initial reserves figure was increased by 7 times;
  • the current scope is determined based on the results of the exploration conducted up to 1996;
  • in 2006, the reserves were confirmed by SRC exploration company in accordance with the international record-keeping system (JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee).