Third in the world of boron product

Key markets and consumers

The main consumers of the company’s products are China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation.

At the same time, MCC Russian Bor sells the products to its permanent partners, largest players of the world chemical market.

Сurrently MCC Russian Bor supplies its products to the external markets via the most efficient intermediaries and distributors. Besides, a part of the supplies is maintained by direct sales.

In the mid-run, it is planned to create an in-house sales and distribution system in China, Japan and Korea.

The products are shipped:

  • By sea: export to Japan, South Korea, South China;
  • Mixed carriage: export to Europe – by railway to Saint Petersburg, then – by sea to the destination n ports;
  • Supplies to the Russian and Byelorussian markets – by railway or directly with MCC Russian Bor, or with use of MXT (Mineralkhimtrade LLC) two warehouses in the Cities of Perm and Elektrostal (Moscow Region).