Third in the world of boron product

Equipment and Machinery

The planned modernization of the equipment will produce a substantial economic effect due to saving of the energy resources, increase in its productivity and reduction of losses in the production.

The increase of the production scopes will need involvement of a larger number of mining machinery.

Development of the in-house port in the settlement of Rudnaya, a quay for subsequent relocation of the cargo flows will enable MCC Russian Bor to substantially diminish the transport expenditures related to delivery of the products, as well as to delivery of the raw materials, will make it possible to receive vessels with higher carrying capacity and to reduce dependence on transport companies.
Sulfuric Acid Workshop

Construction of a new sulfuric acid workshop in accordance with the highest world environmental standards will enable settling of the most important problem – provision of the sulfuric acid volume necessary for the production (for production of 180 thousand t of boric acid, approximately 400 thousand t of sulfuric acid is necessary). A number of the leading companies of the branch work on the workshop construction project.

Energy Efficiency Enhancement.
The complex of measures on reduction of consumption of thermal and electric energy is inclusive of generation of the in-house energy on account of using the sulfur burnout energy in the sulfuric acid production process, installation of heat exchangers, use of variable frequency drives of electric engines, optimization of the operation modes of the equipment, installation of air recuperators in the ventilation systems.