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10 November 2013

Mining Chemical Company Russian Bor Announces Completion of Major Repairs

November 10, 2013 – Mining Chemical Company Russian Bor , operating the only functional boron deposit in Russia, has announced the completion of planned capital shutdown maintenance that lasted from October 21 to November 2013 of 2013. This was the largest major repairs in terms of work volumes and financing in 6 recent years.
Total outlay reached 40m rubles. Compared to other repairs which took place during the recent 6 years, the level of financing almost doubled. Orders for equipment manufacture were placed with 15 suppliers mostly in Central Russia.
The maintenance works were accomplished in the key technological shops and at the ore-dressing plant. In addition, the refractory lining of calciners and chemical protection of technological equipment were repaired.
Managing Director of Russian Bor, Vladimir Kozmin: “The conduct of shutdown major repairs will allow the industrial complex to achieve the manufacturing objectives for 2014, which exceed the parameters of this year by a gross margin in terms of the total output of boric products.”