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Press releases

13 November 2014


13 November, 2014. Mining Chemical Company Russian Bor , operating the only functional boron deposit in Russia, announces new appointment. Vladimir Kozmin who had been working as Managing Director of Russian Bor since 2012 resigned and Dmitry Rachkov, former production director was appointed to this post.

Dmitry Rachkov graduated from the Far East National Technological University, with specialization in mechanical engineering. He had been working for Russian Bor since 1998, running the gamut from maintenance fitter to production director. As new Managing Director Mr. Rachkov will continue implementing the development strategy that targets the diversification of production processes. As of today there are several investment projects aimed at setting up the end product output and thus lowering the dependency on the adverse trends on the world boric acid market discussed.

Russian Bor thanks Vladimir Kozmin for his effective work.