Third in the world of boron product


The Company’s activity is based upon as follows:

  • rational use of the unique mineral raw material base and stability of the operation costs;
  • promotion of stable development of the markets of the products manufactured by MCC Russian Bor;
  • promotion of stable development of the economic management region of MCC Russian Bor

Strategic objectives

Rational use of the unique mineral raw material base and stable operation costs:

Promotion to stable development of the markets of products manufactured by MCC Russian Bor

Promotion to stable development of the economy management regions of MCC Russian Bor

  • Cost optimization on account of introduction of a number of energy efficiency measures.
  • Increase in output of boron-containing products by 75% within 2.5 years due toconstruction of a new sulfuric workshop, modernization of the production capacities and extension of the transport infrastructure.
  • Manufacture of boron-containing products of a higher added value.
  • Manufacture of various boron-containing compounds including zinc borate and boron carbide.
  • Realization of the growth potential by intensification of interactions with the ultimate consumers.
    • rational use of the unique mineral raw material base, optimized utilization of the capacity of the mining and processing departments of the Company;
    • strengthening of independence in provision with low-cost resources, including in power engineering, transport and logistics.
    • the Company’s activity in the sales markets as a supplier who undertakes the liability for the consequences of his own actions to each particular consumer and to the market in general;
    • guarantee of the maximum reliability of the manufactured products supplies to its consumers by development of their own sales system;
    • incitement of stable and subsequent development of the demand for boron-containing products, in manufacture of which the Company has assumed leading world position.
    • personnel development, arrangement of conditions for professional development of top- ranked specialists, provision of safe working conditions, granting to the employees of a competitive fee and social benefits in accordance with the volume and quality of their work   
    • compliance with the Russian and international environmental standards, adoption of new technologies for upholding of restrictions concerning pollution emission, realization of socially efficient projects in the environment-oriented area at the regional, national and international levels
    • implementation, in interaction with the regional and municipal authorities, of social and economic territorial development projectsf.