Third in the world of boron product

About company

Mining Chemical Company Russian Bor is one of the largest world manufacturers of boron-containing products such as boric acid, datolite concentrate, calcium borate and others.

The main types of the activity of the enterprise are extraction, dressing and processing of commercial minerals, manufacture, marketing and sale of boron-containing products.

Production departments of MCC Russian Bor are situated in the city of Dalnegorsk in Primorsky Krai and are considered township-forming.

MCC Russian Bor ranks third in the world in manufacture of boron-containing products and is the only Russian manufacturer of high-quality products of the own mineral raw materials having a full process cycle from ore extraction and beneficiation to synthesis of boron-containing products such as: boric acid of various grades, calcium borate, boric anhydride, datolite concentrate.

The enterprise structure is inclusive of as follows: open-cast mine, beneficiating plant, boric acid workshop, sulfuric acid workshop, boron-containing products workshop, foundry, repair and machinery equipment departments, storage facilities, port station with a moorage wall for berthing of river-sea type bulk transport vessels equipped with up-to- date vessel working mechanisms.

The transport department of MCC Russian Bor serves the production needs in support service vehicles in full, and meets the demands for carrying the final products, raw minerals and materials.

While defining its development and current activity strategy, MCC Russian Bor proceeds from the fact that the mandatory condition of stable and efficient business development shall be undeviating practicing of sustainability principles.